We make business IT support personal

Servers, Computers & Notebooks:
General Support

You might be having trouble with access to your business emails, network resources (such as printers or servers), or internet connection.
Maybe your computer or notebook is running slower than normal, or possibly not starting up at all.
It doesn’t matter what the problem is, we’re here to assist with any IT related issue you’re having at your place of business, just give us a call and we can help out remotely (if possible) or organize an on-site visit to diagnose and resolve your problem.

Repairs, Upgrades & Maintenance

Is your server slowing down? Are the services your server provides to you and your staff becoming less reliable?
The upfront cost for an on-premises server can be quite expensive, you may be able to ensure the longevity of your investment by organizing monthly maintenance to optimize your server, ensuring it’s running at it’s best, reducing the risk of any unexpected downtime.

Contact Square IT, we can organize a technician to upgrade your server or perform maintenance

Server Repair, Upgrade & Maintenance

Backup & Recovery

Ask yourself, if a file on your office file server is deleted or encrypted by a virus, if your computer or notebook hard drive fails or if your server is no longer booting up; Is my backup even working? Is my backup system backing up the required data on these devices? How frequently is my data being backed up? How easily can I restore and recover from these scenarios and how long will it take?

A backup solution shouldn’t be viewed as just another business expense, but a mandatory insurance policy for your IT systems.
If you can’t answer one or all of the above questions, make the call to Square IT ASAP, we’ll organize a time to investigate your backup system to give you the confidence in knowing your backup is working, or make the changes to get them working.

Networks, Firewalls & Security

It’s imperative that you as a business owner, along with you staff, have reliable access to your IT applications, whether you’re in the office or out on the field.
This can be achieved with network security in mind, ensuring that only you and your team have access to your on-premises servers and resources remotely, ensuring confidence that your network and IT systems are not accessible by malicious outsiders.


Modular Wireless Networks

Are you having trouble with your wireless network not providing you with a strong enough signal throughout your entire office or home?
Do you want to be able to manage who can connect to your wireless network and see how your wireless network is being used via a single login console?

If your office is too large for one single wireless access point to handle, or you want to extend a single network through multiple levels in the same building, we can design and setup a secure wireless network that covers all bases as well as providing the ability for you to view your wireless client usage via a single login console.

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