Yes, we do house calls too!

Computers & Notebooks:
General Support

You might be having trouble with internet access, or your home printer isn’t working.
Maybe your computer or notebook is running slower than normal, or possibly not starting up at all.
It doesn’t matter what the problem is, we’re here to assist with any IT related issue you’re having at home, just give us a call and we can help out remotely (if possible) or organize a house call to diagnose and resolve your problem.

Computers & Notebooks:
Upgrades vs Replacement

If your computer or notebook is running slower than normal, maintenance or a repair may not always resolve your problem. You may need to look at an upgrade.
Increasing the memory or replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive may be the answer you need.
It’s always best to consult a technician if spending the money on an upgrade is a viable option, as you don’t want to spend money on an upgrade if other hardware components in your computer / notebook are likely to fail in the short term (this is common with older devices).
The good news is Square IT is only one call away, organize a time for us to check out your computer or notebook to see which option is best for you.

Backup and Restore

Backup & Recovery

We’ve seen it all too many times; You’ve been saving all your documents, photos, music and videos to your computer or notebook without having a running backup schedule in place.
If you’re unlucky enough to experience an irreparable hardware failure (such as a broken hard drive) without a backup to restore from, you may be up for a very expensive and avoidable bill to have your data restored (if it’s even possible).
Why flirt with danger without knowing 100% that your file and photos are being backed up (and are restore-able), speak with us about how we can help with your home computer / notebook backups.
We can tailor a solution that suits you, whether it’s a backup to a USB hard drive or network attached storage (NAS) device, or an automated cloud backup solution.

Networks, Wireless & Modems

It’s not only our computers and notebooks that have the ability to connect to the internet, we now have tablets smart phones, smart TVs and more.
But these devices aren’t very smart without internet access, and the majority of thee items gain access to the internet from your home wireless network.
For some of us, home wireless doesn’t exist yet, and for others, the wireless only gets to parts of the home.
In many cases (almost all of them) having an electrician running data points throughout the home is not a viable option.
Setting up or extending a wireless network, or implementing ethernet over power (EoP) is the way to go.
Contact Square IT, we can come to your home confirm which option is best suited for you.

Home Network
Home Theater PC

The Home Theater PC

Having trouble with streaming content to your existing smart TV or Home Theater PC (HTPC)? Or maybe you’re wanting a new HTPC to compliment your current TV.
We can test the internet connection to your current HTPC or smart TV to confirm if streaming is at its optimum or even assist with getting the right HTPC for you.

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