Because your data is important!

Offsite Backups

Square IT’s Offsite Backup is a flexible yet full featured online backup solution. It’s cost effective, straight forward and provides the advanced features necessary for home, small business and enterprise users.

  • Email backup – Outlook
  • Email backup – Windows Mail
  • Scheduling
  • Database backup
  • Data retention
  • System state
  • Backup filter
  • Restore data anywhere
  • Data encryption
  • Network and local backup
  • In-file data
  • Backup reports

Safe & Secure

Square IT’s Offsite Backup keeps your files safe. It protects your valuable data using government grade security so you will always have a backup available.



Square IT’s Offsite Backup is automatic, so it saves you time. No swapping tapes, burning cd’s or taking home a usb drive. Your backup will run automatically at the scheduled times and email you status reports.

Fast Backups

All files are compressed before uploading which makes them smaller and faster to upload. The software also uses incremental technology which means only the changed files, and the changes within a file will be uploaded each time.

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